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Diamonds In The Rough
This Week

No1 find this week has been this little gem from the motherland. Nottingham based Jerky Dirt (great name) have supplied just enough of something different to make themselves stand out in the bottomless pit of YouTube and I must say I'm hooked. I'll say no more but ask you to press play...
No2 here is another, yet again, Swedish masterpiece. (Slightly resentfull jeallously swept over me then!) I'll just shake that out. Right then... there is still water contaminated with riffs up there in scandinavia and I see no time of those cold Nordic super humans relinqueshing the genre's crown anything soon. This epic beast left me with a 3 times in one day conundrum, do I go to 4 times? Press play. Maha Sohona is in your future...
**UPDATE - Station is offline at the mo due to every single bit of hosting software being old and awful, even the premium sofware. I'm on it, but might take me a day or 2, It'll be worth the wait I promise. High times and High fives to you all (you all?! haha, I've probably just typed this to myself!)

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